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Welcome to Mind Align Counseling

Are you looking for guidance to synchronize your thoughts and actions in order to create a more balanced and aligned life? 

At Mind Align we strive to create a nurturing environment for individuals to adopt a comprehensive approach to their overall welfare.

"Our mission is to empower clients to achieve their goals by providing compassionate and evidence-based care."

"Our vision is to promote peace and authenticity in mental health by assisting clients in navigating their emotions, rediscovering their true selves, and understanding their needs, leading to a life brimming with joy and self-love, fostering a profound sense of well-being and fulfillment.”

Mind Align Counseling provides a range of services to help clients achieve their goals. These services include individual, family, relationship, group, and business counseling. 

If you’re interested in scheduling a session or consultation, contact us today!

"Empowering You Today To, Embrace a Brighter Tomorrow."








We're actively seeking contracted providers for outpatient mental health services, offering in-person, remote, and hybrid positions. 


Available positions include Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Ph.D. in related field, Psychologist (PsyD), Licensed Psychological Examiner (LPE-I),Psychiatrist, and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners (PMHNP's) .


If you’re interested in learning more about potential opportunities for contract positions or collaboration, please send our Admin a message today.

425 W Broadway St

Suite K

North Little Rock, AR 72114

Phone: 870-206-8212
Fax: 870-206-8213

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